MEGANTARA: Culture Festival

SMAN 3 Bandung always held a culture festival annually. In 2016, the culture festival called "MEGANTARA". It was held on Saturday, September 10th. This festival is about the culture of Indonesia. One of the purposes of this festival is we can develop our concern to our culture.

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There were so many events that held in this festival such as parade, performance from extracurricular of SMAN 3 Bandung, Fashion Show, and performance from two pop groups, The Cangcuters and RAN. All of the guests and participants performed so well. There were some food trucks too.

The first event of the festival is parade. The participants of the parade is all of the students from 10th grade and the students from kindergraten school. I also participated in this parade because I am in 10th grade too. The parade was fun. We passed Belitung Street, Sumatera Street, Merdeka Street, Jawa Street, and finished at Bali Street. We also sang a lot of songs such as Halo-Halo Bandung and others.

In the afternoon, there were a performing from some extracurricular such as KPA3 (Angklung Group), T'ST, MK3, Band3, and many more. Besides that, I also saw a fashion show from some 10th grade students who present traditional costume from each province in Indonesia.

The last event in the festival is perfomance from two pop groups from Indonesia, The Cangcuters and RAN. Their performance was amazing. They closed this festival perfectly.

Closing Celebration
Source: Instagram
I think Megantara was wonderful. Besides the performances, Mengantara also made us conscious that culture is important and we must conserve our culture.


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