Learning from Nature

God made the earth perfectly. In the earth there is nature. Nature is defined as the natural earth and the things on it.  Nature has a lot of energies that can be used by organism. We don’t need to panic if we don’t have a food because nature has it. We don’t need to spend our money to buy oxygen because nature has it. We don’t need to feel tired to search heat source because nature has it. Yes, nature has everything. But, nature is not about material. It also has a connection with our mind. In nature, we can get something that we can’t find in our home. Yes, we can get fresh air. Only that? I don’t think so. If you feel dizzy and after that you look at the beautiful of nature, maybe you will not feel any dizziness again. Sometimes nature is like medicine that can cure ourself. So, we will also get a ‘doctor’, right?

And the problem is how to keep nature always gives us its benefits. But, a lot of peoples don’t understand how to get the benefits correctly. They forgot about the kindness of nature. Imagine if we give our friend a food just because he/she doesn’t bring his/her money and the next day our friend steals our pencil or pen, are we mad at him/her? Of course. As well as the nature. And the anger of nature is terrible. Scientist said everyday there are 2.47 million trees are cut down and every single person produce 0.8 kilograms of waste. So, will we just see and drink a tea or watch Youtube videos at your room? Of course not. We must do something and realize that nature is our bestfriend. A normal human never wants to disappoint his/her bestfriend.

Look at our lovely earth now. There are many problems in nature that caused by human. Flood, forestfire, landslide, illegal logging, water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, and many more. We only can grumble and grumble why God send us a lot of disasters. Come on, human. Don’t be selfish. Realize that the disasters are caused by us. Then what? Just realize? 

Nature is very important for our life. But day by day nature will be broken by human. This condition can be lesson for us that a broken nature will gives us a big disaster and we must find the solution. Maybe we can do small things to save our life like don’t litter, planting a tree, 3R (recycle, reduce, reuse), or something like that. Nature can be a teacher for us because with its ability it can make us be a better person. I hope human can realize that we live in nature and we must to keep it save. We must also be grateful to God because He has made the earth and doesn’t ask the cost.


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