Thanks, Mam

What makes me, me right now is my mother. Maybe everyday i have a lot of problems that I got from school. But, my mother always support me and said that I can solve my problems. For example when I got a bad score in Physics last semester, she said that this is not the end of your life and you can do better someday.

My mother is the best person in this world. She never talk loudly to me. She always ask my condition if I'm not at home. When I said I get a bad score, she was not angry. She understands that study in my school is not easy. She knows that get a bad score in my school is a habit. :(. And my mother always gives me advice that if I get a bad score you must study harder, don't give up and hopeless.

Everytime if I am stressed out, my mother always ask me what can she does for me. But she never complains about how hard her life is. She always faces her problem with a smart decision. My mother is my motivator. I truly admire her. Without my mother, I’m just like the person who always grumble and do nothing. 


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