Dewa Athena

In March 25th 2017, my school was held an event called Dewa Athena. The event is like a sport match between class and other class. There are many sports that we can participate like basketball, football, badminton, dogdeball, relay, volleyball, gobak sodor, and others.

Our participate will be effected to our class's ability. Every class can send representatives for all of the sports. The rules of this event are strict. The class who don't send representatives will get Walkover and pay Rp100,000. The class who won the sports will be continued until the next week.

This event was held annually. I was very excited to join this event because I like to play one of the sports, badminton.

The event was held at 7 AM. At first my class played a game named Gobak Sodor. It was really fun. At 10 AM, I played badminton. My opponent is Science 7 and I won!! Hehe. My class also won dogdeball and relay. At 2 PM, my class played volleybal. But, my class got a Walkover because there aren't enough players. Most of my friends were going home after zuhr prayer.

Overall, the event was very interesting. You can show the solidarity of your class. You will conscious that you must prioritize the importance of your class than your importance. Beside that, the event can improve your ability in sport. The school can find a potential student who have a talent in sport. I hope an event like this will bring a lot of benefits for the students and the school. The event also can make your brain feel fresh after study from Monday to Friday.


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